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Progressive Cafe & Resto That Gives a European Feel

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KALTURE Progressive Cafe & Resto is a unique place in the Indonesian culinary world. By presenting an authentic European feel, KALTURE provides an unforgettable dining experience while enjoying the beauty of local culture. In this article, we will explore how KALTURE creates an exciting blend of European style and rich Indonesian traditions. We will discuss the concept, the menu offered, and how KALTURE contributes to the development of culinary culture in Indonesia. Visit this page : EDOGIN JAPANESE RESTAURANT

KALTURE Concept: Presenting Europe in the Heart of the Archipelago

KALTURE Progressive Cafe & Resto is clear proof that European nuances can be presented so beautifully amidst the richness of Indonesian culture. The KALTURE concept is based on the idea of creating a space that brings people to experience Europe without having to leave Indonesia. How do they do it?

Design interior

KALTURE’s interior design combines classic European elements with unique local touches. Exposed brick walls, vintage-style wooden furniture and hanging lamps create a crystalline atmosphere reminiscent of cafes in Paris or Rome. However, traditional Indonesian elements such as shadow puppetry, batik and wood carving also provide a strong local color. This creates an interesting contrast between two different cultures.

Diverse Menu

One of the most interesting aspects of KALTURE is their menu which represents the rich variety of European cuisine. From appetizers to desserts, KALTURE serves delicious dishes reminiscent of authentic European cuisine. Some must-try dishes are escargot, quiche lorraine, and coq au vin. However, KALTURE also doesn’t forget to present a local touch with menus such as rendang croissants and satay pizza, which combine Indonesian flavors with European concepts.

Musical Nuance

Apart from the interior design and menu, the European feel at KALTURE is also reinforced by the music played in this cafe. From French jazz to Italian classical music, visitors will feel like they are in the middle of Europe. However, they also often play traditional Indonesian music which adds a familiar local feel.

The Role of KALTURE in Explaining Culinary Culture in Indonesia

KALTURE is not just a restaurant, but also a meeting center for culinary and art lovers in Indonesia. They are actively involved in various cultural activities that support the development of the culinary industry in the country.

Collaboration with Local Chefs

KALTURE often collaborates with local chefs to create special dishes that combine Indonesian culinary expertise with European elements. This helps promote Indonesia’s culinary talents and enriches the KALTURE menu with unique flavors.

Cultural Events

Apart from that, KALTURE also hosts various cultural events, such as art exhibitions, music concerts and culinary workshops. They open the door for local artists to showcase their talents and introduce Indonesian art and culture to visitors from various backgrounds.


KALTURE Progressive Cafe & Resto is a perfect example of how two different cultures can be beautifully brought together through food, interior design and culture. They create a unique experience for visitors by presenting an authentic European feel amidst the beauty of Indonesian culture. Apart from that, KALTURE also actively participates in developing culinary and arts culture in Indonesia. Therefore, KALTURE is not just a place to eat, but also a place for valuable cultural meetings and exchanges. So, if you are looking for a place that offers more than just delicious dishes, KALTURE is the perfect place to experience a beautiful blend of Europe and Indonesia.

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