Luxury Altitude Grill Restaurant

Luxury Altitude Grill Restaurant in the Middle of Jakarta

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Altitude Grill is a luxury restaurant located in the center of Jakarta. This restaurant offers an extraordinary culinary experience with beautiful views from the high floors of skyscrapers. Here are some reviews of Altitude Grill. Visiti this page : EDOGIN JAPANESE RESTAURANT 

Luxurious and Romantic Atmosphere

Altitude Grill is the perfect place to celebrate special moments or just to enjoy a romantic dinner with your partner. This restaurant has luxurious decorations with an elegant interior design and a warm atmosphere. The soft lights create an intimate and romantic atmosphere, making it perfect for a date or birthday celebration.

High Quality Culinary Menu

One of the things that makes Altitude Grill so special is its high-quality culinary menu. This restaurant is known for serving premium meat such as steak which is served to perfection. The meat used is carefully selected and carefully grilled to create an extraordinary taste. Apart from that, they also offer a variety of delicious fresh seafood and other international dishes. Each dish is prepared by experienced chefs who prioritize quality and taste.

Spectacular Views

One of the main attractions of Altitude Grill is the spectacular views that can be enjoyed from the high floors of the building. This restaurant is located on the top floor of a skyscraper, so you can enjoy views of the sparkling city of Jakarta while enjoying your dinner. This is the perfect place to relax while watching the sunset or just enjoy the beautiful evening views.

Excellent Service

Altitude Grill is also renowned for the excellent service it provides to its guests. The restaurant’s staff is friendly and professional, ready to meet all your needs during your visit. They will be happy to make recommendations on menu items or wines to pair with your meal. This restaurant also provides private space for special events such as birthday celebrations or business meetings.


Overall, Altitude Grill is the perfect place for a special dinner experience in the heart of Jakarta. With a luxurious atmosphere, high-quality culinary menu, spectacular views and excellent service, this restaurant will delight all your senses. So, if you are looking for a place to celebrate a special occasion or just want to enjoy a delicious meal, Altitude Grill is an excellent choice.

With excellent service, of course it will give you a very pleasant and unforgettable experience. With excellent service, of course there will be a price or fee that you need to pay to enjoy the service, but everything will be paid off by being satisfied with your dining experience at Altitude Grill.

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